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No. 204, Simpang 210, Kg Lambak Kiri, Jalan Berakas  Tel: 8803183

Unit No. 5, Ground Floor, Komtar Building, Kg Sengkurong Tel: 2676111

Lot 6344, Unit 3, Bangunan Wisma Yakin, Jalan Pandan Lima, Kuala Belait Tel: 3337611

You’ll know when there are times that the craving for kebab strikes, and your taste buds start to yearn for something as wholesome as doner, kebab and the whole works?
Naturally, every now and then I will make my way to my favourite Casbah London Kebab outlet in Berakas and tuck into the Lamb Doner. This is freshly sliced marinated lamb sandwiched into a warm pita bread and complemented with shredded lettuce, tomatoes, onions and a swish of lemon juice, mayonnaise or garlic sauce. Its assortment of fillings included lettuce, tomatoes and onions; zested with picked chillies (you need to request for these!).
It’s so good that every bite is an experience by itself – delicious to the very last bite! Even writing this makes my mouth water, and I am wondering when I can have that again…tonight, maybe? :p
Locals and expatriates will often make their way to Casbah London Kebab for their irresistible fish and chips. Not only is this specialty truly affordable on the pocket, but it’s prepared like “it used to be in London”, and in generous portions too! The hearty portions of crunchy battered fresh fish are golden brown in colour and not too oily. You can taste the texture and make every bite count. The fish slices are still juicy and not dripping in oil. The crispy chips are drizzled with salt and tasted simply amazing. You can even have it with tartar sauce as well. For that extra dash, add some vinegarette and you will truly bask in food heaven!Another popular favourite is the Black Pepper Chicken, grilled to aromatic perfection.
 The meat is always well marinated and succulent. It is served with black pepper sauce and fries. You may also try the Beef Luleh, which looks something between a meatloaf and meatball and blended with ground beef, bread crumbs, tomato paste and sauce, milk, fresh parsley, onion, cumin, salt and pepper. The result is meat that is rich in taste and texture. Very appetising on the palate! For those who are not fond of pita bread, there are also fragrant basmati rice dishes, served with skewered fish, chicken or lamb kebabs marinated with special sauces and spun around a charcoal grill to lock in the taste. 
Service at Casbah London Kebab is always great, and the staff have always been attentive. The décor in the Berakas outlet is simple and unpretentious while the Sengkurong branch is vibrant with flashes of yellow and red, which simply makes food look more appetising, right? I haven’t been to the KB branch yet, but I really should, the next trip perhaps.
The truth is, Casbah London Kebab has never failed to deliver to my taste buds, each and every time. And if you haven’t tried the Lamb Doner yet, you should. You’ll love it!                                

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