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Accomplish Your Fitness Goals in 2012

Millions of people every year make the New Year's resolution to lose weight and get in shape. But unfortunately, it doesn't always stick if its without the right environment.

It's estimated that close to 35 percent of people break their resolutions by the end of the month of January.

Among the top 10 New Year resolutions we found online -- eat healthy, lose weight, and get fit are among the top in the list!

As usual, Fitness Zone is seeing a spike in new memberships.

“I started before Christmas so that I wouldn't have that ‘oh my god I have to go to the gym on the 1st!’” says Norhayati, who started working on her New Year’s resolution early.

She’s easing her way into a fitness routine.

“Been averaging three times a week,” she says.

“Lose the weight, get a little bit stronger, decrease the back pain," says another exerciser.

Her goal, like so many others, is to stick with it.


Miki, Manager at fitness zone, says January is always very busy.

“It increased by I would say over 100 percent, than it does in the regular part of the year,” says Miki.

Each January, people who resolve to get fit get healthy and lose weight flock to the gym. So the question is -- what can people do to stick to those resolutions?

Fitness Manager David suggests trying different classes and starting slow. A 45 minute workout is more than enough!

“We have a lot quick in and out, where you can get in and done and on with your day," says David. "Pick something you enjoy as we have many different types of classes to suit anyone."

David also says working out with a partner can motivate you to work harder and prevent you from skipping the gym.

As for Norhayati, she knows sticking to her resolution will be tough, but she’s planning ahead.

“Trying to fit it into your work schedule, meaning should I do it in the morning, get up early, or should I wait until the end of the day but I know once I achieve my goal, it's the most beautiful part of my life.”

The most important think to remember is to be realistic.

If you really don’t think you will stick to a resolution that puts you in the gym every day, resolve to get healthy in other ways. Prioritize sleep, improve your posture, kick the soda habit and use all your vacation days.

2012 Fitness Resolution Success Guide

Everyday of the year is the “right” time to start a fitness/nutrition program.

But if you read the above sentence carefully – you’ll see this has a double meaning. Since every day is the right time to start getting fit – New Year’s Day is the right day as well. Fitness Zone want to share a guide to make this the year that your Fitness Resolution dreams finally come true! So without further ado – here it is. Behold the…


NEW YEAR FITNESS RESOLUTION SUCCESS GUIDE: 3 Tips for making this Year’s Fitness Resolution Work

Tip #1 – Look at your goals in sections – not as a whole

When you look at an entire year at a time you can get overwhelmed – especially when it comes to fitness and health. The best thing to do is to make changes in small “chunks” that can be digested. You didn’t eat your plate of Christmas dinner in on bite – you took in in chunks (at least I hope you did). So undo it in chunks as well.

Breaking things down into “doable” chunks is the best way to get things done with anything in life. Want to lose weight and get in shape? Why not start exercising 2-3 times a week for a very short period – and cutting out high calorie snacks? This is a much better and more “attainable” goal than working out for hours on end (counterproductive anyway) and eating nothing but salad and grilled chicken for the entire year.

That is a sure fire way to fail and never reach your goals. So don’t set unrealistic fitness goals and you’ll be way ahead of the game. You’ll also still be in the game when most people are down and out at the end of January!

Tip #2 – Visualize the end Result

How can you ever get where you are going if you have no clue of your destination? You can’t. You’ll just float aimlessly towards an unknown goal and end up never getting there at all – and even if you get there you won’t know you are there, you will think you are somewhere – and that leads to nowhere fast. That was a killer run on sentence!

The point is you need to visualize what you want to achieve, then take small steps to get there. Take a moment and close your eyes – see what you would like to look like. See your goal. Imagine how you feel – how others look at you – and how your life is better. Imagine your doctor saying that you are doing a fine job – and that your blood pressure and resting heart rate are getting better and better with every visit.

See it...then become it!


Your goal is the reason you will perform your exercise routine, the reason you will lower your calorie intake, the reason you will eat more nutritious foods and less junk food.

Remember that being overweight is not a condition, it’s a symptom of a much deeper problem. When those deeper problems are fixed, goals are attained and you end up with a healthy, fantastic body you can be proud of.

It all starts with the mind.

Tip #3 – Don’t Burn Out

By far the biggest enemy of the Fitness Resolution is the dreaded “Burn Out”. So many people start working out at the beginning of the year that gyms and studios are often at full capacity! It’s great! Everyone is working out – and I don’t just mean working out – they are sweating, grunting and pulling. Day in and day out – endless reps, sets and classes.

They are so sore they can barely move – and still they go to the gym or pop in that exercise video. When they open the cabinet they are knocked to the floor by the tidal wave of tasteless rice cakes and whole grain cereals.

Milk becomes Skim, bread 100% whole wheat, and Softdrink becomes water. Hunger pains run rampant – pounds fall off – and arms and legs feel like they are going to at any minute. Then it stops.

Milk goes back to 2%. Bread becomes white. Water becomes wine. Arms and legs heal and return to “normal”. Waistlines stay put and people talk about how “it’s just not worth it – those fitness people have no life.”

I’m just throwing this out there, but could it be possible that going from chicken breast and Dressing, pecan pie, and dumplings to rice cakes and tasteless grilled chicken – and absolutely no exercise (besides putting a chicken breast in the oven or opening a present) to 3 hours a day 7 days a week of mind numbing aerobics and weight training might have been too big of a jump? Maybe? Huh?

We humans are strange creatures for sure – all or nothing seems to be the consensus of most of us (and trust me I’m the same way).

You won’t make it. So what’s the solution?

The solution is to not run into that mine field in the first place! Take it easy! Cut out a few things that you know are condusive to inflating the old waistline (I bet you can think of two or three right now) and start being more active. Do it slow and easy and you will reach your goal with the right people surrounding you in the health club.


The last time I checked the Tortoise beat the crap out of the hare.

So there you have it – 3 Tips that will ensure you get to your fitness goals in 2012. Don’t be a hare – all talk and sore arms until February and then out of the race completely. Be a Tortoise – Kaizen – constant steady improvement. I’ll see you in 2012 with a new body and life. Cause’ I’ll tell you one thing, everything in life is better when you are strong, healthy, trim and in shape. Everything and once you get there, its easy to maintain and you will live life to the fullest til you are old!!!


Health clubs are certainly aren’t strangers to corporate responsibility. Armed with seemingly endless array of equipment, programs, services, professional skills and expertise, the fitness industry practitioners are clearly qualified to help improve the lives of individuals, families and the entire communities. But beyond their day-to-day operations, many facilities, organizations and offices have launched charitable works in order to make an even stronger, more meaningful impact on society. In their quest to improve circumstances of communities in need, many have become impressive role models of philanthropy. They are doing so not because it will increase membership sales, or membership retention, or bottom-line profitability, but, rather, simply, because it’s the RIGHT THING TO DO.

Managing Director, Wu Chun of Fitness Zone Health Club Brunei is particular in giving these ideas to all his club members, countrymen, supporters and friends from other countries. It’s not about the charitable works that he is doing but the knowledge he shared to all these people that may somehow touched and believed in his advocacy. He wanted to help, educate, promote and let the people understand that life is so much important than anything. Living fit and living healthy can benefit every single individual living in our world. Fitness Zone never stopped researching for better service and spending enormous amount of money in their new exercise programs, licensed products, staff improvement, facilities upgrading, outreach programs, charitable works and giving free passes for trials.

Fitness Zone believes that their biggest asset is their commitment. They are offering a huge variety of program exercises and services that somehow can be enjoyed by different individuals, from different ages and different perspective thinking on how we deal with exercise. New technologies arises in the fitness Industry and Fitness Zone is still the no.1 leading club in Brunei serving its members to an international standard, world class and life changing experiences.

85% of Fitness Zone club members are attending their Group Exercise Classes. They have 120 aerobic classes being conducted per week for both two clubs in Serusop and in Kiulap area. These are combinations of high impact exercises like weight training, athletics exercises and steps. They have low impact classes or mind and body classes like yoga, pilates and tai chi. Those classes are also being given in a very flexible timing. They have it in the morning that starts from 8am till 1030am and a full blast of back to back classes of your choice in the afternoon that starts at 530pm till 900pm, and in between of those hours they are serving its clients with private classes, personal training, assessment and inductions for those who wanted to enhance their learning and at the same time people who wanted to give extra time for themselves to reach their objectives and goals. The club operational hours starts at 630am – 1100pm during Monday til Thursday and 700am - 1000pm during Friday till Sunday.

Fitness Zone is equipped with most powerful fitness team changing millions of lives! The Les Mills Program, it is the leading aerobic exercise provider that originated in New Zealand and now catering 13,000 clubs across 80 countries worldwide, with over 75,000 certified instructors and 7 million fans worldwide attending it’s classes per day. So anywhere around the world you can experience the same exercise, same feel and intensity of this world class aerobic workout. Les Mills instructors have what it takes to get people to dig deeper, go harder and reach higher. They motivate bodies, inspire minds and lead the way to positive change.

The Body Pump, Body Combat, Body Jam, Body Attack, Body Step, Body Vive, Body Balance and RPM are powerful exercises that excite its attendees to comeback again and again. Offering a variety of movements such as dancing, weight lifting, martial arts and athletics inspired exercises. They have extreme options guaranteed to reach maximum objective and goals. Brunei will never be left behind from its neighboring countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand. Fitness Zone is the first and only club here in Brunei that caters these kinds of services. They have also branches in China and has plan to open up in other parts of the world. Fitness Zone is proud to be a part of Les Mills for 9 years and their experienced certified instructors is sure to give you the world-class support and guidance you will need during your path to a healthier lifestyle journey!

In San Francisco, California U.S.A, fifteen years ago, Navy SEAL Squadron Commander Randy Hetrick discarded a parachute materials with the goal of creating a device that would provide the SEAL teams with a way to stay in peak condition while stashed away in a hideout. In 2001, while in Stanford Business School, he knew this product and training innovation had the potential to revolutionize the fitness industry. Today, that vision is reality. The recent release of statistics from IDEA’s 2010 annual survey for the personal training industry revealed that Suspension Training® bodyweight exercise – the method of training, literally created by Hetrick and his company. TRX® Suspension Trainer™ – is now one of the fastest-growing training methods in the fitness industry. Just as Hetrick originally envisioned, Suspension Training bodyweight exercise has transformed elite athletic training, military fitness training and mainstream personal fitness training, as evidenced by these compelling industry statistics.

TRX Suspension Training® is a proprietary exercise modality that simultaneously builds strength, balance, flexibility and core stability. It requires the use of the TRX® Suspension Trainer™, a highly compact performance training tool that leverages gravity and the user’s body weight to enable hundreds of exercises for every fitness goal. Since its introduction to the marketplace in 2005, the TRX Suspension Trainer™ has proven to be the ideal solution for personal, small and large group functional training and has been rolled out in top gyms across the country, including Crunch, Urban Active, and YMCAs. It is used and trusted by trainers, athletes, physical therapists, and all branches of the military. Its popularity with professional athletes and team training rooms is exploding across the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, UFC and NCAA. Fitness Zone again is the first club to introduce this program exercise to Brunei Darussalam. They have what it takes to serve you this training programs, it might be in the form of group exercise class or personal training. In addition, Fitness Zone secured their company with certified instructors conducting this TRX Suspension Training®

Over the past 10 years, 2 unknown Colombians have taken the fitness industry for a spin. They turned a single latin-inspired aerobics class in Miami into an international fitness program with die-hard fans in more than 100 countries and 60,000 class locations. It targeted every major muscle group and it burned 700-1000 calories per class! People have reported losing as much as 80 pounds per year!!!



Chances are you’ve heard about Zumba—the new fitness dance program that has become increasingly popular across the globe. Currently 6 million people take Zumba classes each week in one of 50,000 locations in 75 countries. But what you may not know is that Zumba isn’t just for the young and fit. It’s a great way for older adults to get in shape too.

The Zumba workout program is also present at the Fitness Zone Health Club, inspiring every Bruneians to dance and be alive. Zumba are combinations of Latin dance moves with resistance training, provides an intense workout no matter your fitness level (and no, you don't have to be a seasoned salsa dancer to pick up the steps). Thanks to the upbeat music and "party" exercise atmosphere, Zumba also has the reputation for being one of the hottest (and most fun) cardio workouts out there right now that’s why Fitness Zone has never to late delivering this program.

Nearly 1,000,000 people ride on a bike and join indoor cycling class every day. Whether you take classes at the gym or ride at home, you are an indoor cycling student and part of a huge community of fitness enthusiasts from around the globe. The Indoor Group Cycling program and the bike that Fitness Zone are using, signifies a facility that is serious about providing quality fitness equipment and programming, as well as classes that engage and inspire participation, leading to member satisfaction and retention.

Why is the Indoor Group Cycling program so popular? When Fitness Zone started up and managed to open their first club at the mall, this exercise program was launched. They created the activity known as Indoor Group Cycling or famous known as Freestyle Spinning. This exercise program is the original and most popular class here in Brunei and it's not just because Fitness Zone is an unmatched way to make your fitness goals a reality. With no complicated moves to learn, top-notch instructors and music that begs your legs to pedal, getting into the best shape of your life has never been more fun.
When it comes to experience, bikes beats nearly every other cardio program ever created. If you are looking to burn calories, nothing compares to this Fitness Zone Freestyle Spinning Workout. Think about this: a typical Indoor Group Cycling class will get you burning as much as 800 - 1000 calories in just 45 minutes!

The Freestyle Spinning or Indoor Group Cycling workout and RPM of Les Mills are just like riding to the rhythm of powerful music. Take on the terrain with your inspiring team coach who leads the pack through hills, flats, mountain peaks, time trials, and interval training. Discover your athlete within – sweat and burn to reach your endorphin high. Your instructor will lead you and the pack through a journey choreographed to inspirational music and incorporating riding positions and speeds to suit the terrain.

Fitness Zone who already signed a MOU with Ministry of Health is still the leading club in Brunei based on experience and existence. The research, training, education and services that can offer to the market are unbeatable. Uniquely tailored to suit a wide range of abilities and fitness goals. This club is also powered by the Ferrari of all gym equipment called Technogym, it is the number one leading provider for gym equipment that is based in Italy. Technogym boasts approximately 55,000 installations worldwide in 35,000 wellness centres and 20,000 private homes and estimates suggest that approximately 20 million people use its products every day.

Their commitment to the spread of wellness as a social opportunity had a fundamental role, beyond the innovative technologies that the Romagna-based company will provide for the athletes, in achieving this major result. In a scenario in which cardiovascular illnesses – mostly due to sedentary lifestyles and poor lifestyle choices – are the leading cause of death and in which the number of people overweight worldwide has exceeded the number of those suffering from malnutrition, big sporting events. Thanks to Fitness Zone for bringing people together, have the important mission of spreading a healthy sports culture amongst the population, and above all amongst young people.

Right now the club has a variety of equipment from Technogym such as Easy Line, designed and Using hydraulic resistance piston technology. Easyline equipment provides you with extra support whilst exercising. Easyline is ideal for people of all ages! It helps you to hold your limbs in place and maintain the correct position, so that there is no pressure on your joints and reduces risk of strain and injury.

Kinesis, the Ancient Greek word for “movement”, is a line of revolutionary fitness equipment that restores the balance between body and mind.
Kinesis brings exercise back to the core of motion and lets users rediscover the importance of basic human physical abilities: endurance, balance, strength and flexibility. Kinesis offers over 200 exercises that are either focused on specific muscles (e.g. pectorals) or a combination of them. Kinesis™ was born out of a need to bring people back to physical exercise, with the goal of improving their quality of life. The inspiring principle is to rediscover the beauty of movement through free, natural movements.

The Kinesis can stand alone anywhere within your facility. It is a stylish design, functionality, and infinite movement possibilities attract high interest and allow members to explore a natural training experience. Kinesis helps to improve balance, strength or flexibility through a zero-impact exercise for wellness-seekers of all ability and fitness levels.

Fitness Zone has pioneered the Bruneians to the world of Fitness. It has inspired people to change their outlook in life. Having almost 8000 members with their 9 years of existence and 3200 active members who still keep on coming back and believing in their services that they are offering. This club will never stop educating its people and will always serve its purpose to help others and continues its charitable works. With a distinct core philosophy, excellent programming, comprehensive training, good values and had one singular goal: to bring health and fitness to every lifestyle.

It might be less than a decade of experience with thousands of testimonials demonstrates that their services and program delivers more than just a great workout—it creates a sense of community, shared purpose and lifestyle change. Of course, if you're looking for a calorie burning, energizing, fun workout, they can help with that too. There’s a reason why you like to play when you are still a kid, or an experience to explore when you are in your adolescent stage, bring back those experiences the same exhilaration you felt back then and get the health and fitness benefits you need now that you're all grown up. As what the company Managing Director Wu Chun said, because it is doing the right thing.

The Fitness Zone Health Club is attached to International, Health, Racquet and Sportsclub Association (IHRSA) and It is supported by the local government agencies and private offices such as Ministry of Health, Ministry of Youth, Culture and Sports, Biro Kawalan Narkotiks.

All its instructors are internationally certified under Fitness Institute of Australia, ACE, Les Mills International, INSPIYA Yoga, STOTT Pilates, TRX Suspension Training and with international certification in Ballroom Dancing, Contemporary Dancing and Arts. Fitness Zone is also having their own registered Nutritionist and Dietician, registered Nurse and Physiotherapist to serve their clients and supports them to a lasting lifestyle change….

And YES, Bruneians should start a healthy lifestyle in 2012 because its always never too late to start doing the right thing and as what we always heard,


“ Prevention is better than Cure!”

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